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About K-WELL

K-well Tech. was found in 2006 as a professional inductors & switching power supply design house, manufacturer and trading company.We are aiming at pursuing high quality and reliable produts since its establishment.
With execllent R&D and management term, we continue to offer efficient, energy saving and reliable inductors and power supply solutions to your designs or devices. we provide every product needs passed stringent quality system control.

What are our specialties?

In today’s world, sourcing high-end and high-performing electrical components or any one of a vast range of products requiring power supply solutions for your products.it is a challenge faced by many industries,whether it’s home appliances, office equipment, medical solutions ,smart home appliances and so on. we believe that what has made our business such a success is not only our expertise and commitment. we also provides the highest quality products with strictly conforming to industry standards.We focus on the following product design, optimization, customization and production.

Part 1. 

Switching Power Supply  External AC-DC Power Supply Adapter Output power covering: 5W-65W

Battery Chargers 5W-150W intelligent charging: Lithium-Ion Battery,Lead-Aicd Battery,LifePO4 Battery...

Open Frame power supply unit 5W-500W standard prodcuts or customized design

Part 2. 

Magnetic Components-Power Magnetic  Power inductors, Satuation current from 0.3A to 250A.

Magnetic Components- EMC Magnetic Solution for EMI of power lines and data or signal lines